Is Insect Repellent Enough To Fight Bugs?

December 9, 2022
Mother Spraying repellent on her child's leg

Whether you’re on a hike, hanging in the backyard or relaxing in the house, few things can ruin a good mood the way bugs do. It’s no fun getting eaten by mosquitoes or dealing with ants. Many people have tried insect repellents to control the creepy crawlers, but do they work? See what to expect, and why an insect inspection might be more helpful.

Insect Repellents vs Insect Inspection

The fight against insects in places they aren’t wanted is a pretty common one. Government data shows millions of Americans have reported dealing with some type of pest in their home. Even if it’s common, you probably want any insects that are in your space to go away.

You can turn to insect repellents both indoors and outdoors, or you can try a more in-depth solution that addresses the root cause of the problems. Here’s how the options stack up.

Bug Repellents

Repellents work by using some kind of stimulus that is supposed to bother the insects and encourage them to stay away. Most bug sprays contain chemicals that achieve this. DEET is a popular ingredient that is meant to aggravate insects, especially ones that bite and sting. You apply it to your skin and it should make you unattractive to insects.

There are also natural bug repellents that use plant compounds to deter insects. Citronella is often used in these products. They are marketed as being less harsh than chemical insect repellents.

The concerns with bug repellents are that they tend to work in a small space and they are temporary. A spray of bug repellent will give some protection, but it won’t get rid of a large number of bugs. They will avoid one space and go to another.

Pest Control Services

The other option to fight insects is a pest control plan. You can go this route if the problem is at your property. The process starts with an insect inspection to see what type of bugs you are dealing with and where they are coming from. After that, your exterminator can target the specific problem areas with professional bug treatments that will reduce the population of insects in your space.

This is a more involved process, but it will pay off in the long run. Although you can use repellents to fight bugs for a little while, they will keep coming back as the chemicals wear off. If you address the source of the insects, you can achieve better results. Often, insects are in space because they have found a way into the structure and a place to breed and feed. Your exterminator can fix this.

Get an Insect Inspection and Fight the Pests

As you look at ways to deal with pests and insects, make an investment into a long-term solution that will work. Insect repellents and sprays are useful in temporary situations but it is better to get rid of the bugs instead of just keeping them away from you. For help with an insect inspection and exterminator services, call Jolly Roger Pest Control today.

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