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Bed bugs are a nuisance and they have the ability to infiltrate your home. They can even spread to other people through you if they aren’t taken care of. If you’re experiencing a bed bug problem in Falls Church, VA, you need to get a professional bed bug exterminator immediately. Jolly Roger Pest Control can help! Our licensed and trained bed bug exterminators can come to your Falls Church, VA, home and treat all areas of infestation and take preventative measures of them coming back. When you need effective bed bug eradication for your home, you can trust the experts at Jolly Roger Pest Control.

Even though bed bugs aren’t known for spreading disease, they are still frustrating and they can irritate the skin. Blood is the main food source for bed bugs. When they attach themselves to a host, they’ll feed, and this causes itching and rashes. The bites are red from inflammation and sometimes they can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Bed bugs reside in bedding, couches and any other soft goods where they can thrive. You shouldn’t live with this type of irritation and you shouldn’t allow these pests to spread to others through you. This is why it’s of the utmost importance to call the professionals at Jolly Roger Pest Control and eradicate these pests in your home.

Bed Bug Removal

Typically, bed bugs have a lifespan of 3-12 months. However, they can survive a long time without a food source and they also reproduce rapidly. So, they can wait it out until a food source becomes available to them. Bed bugs need to be handled by a professional. At Jolly Roger Pest Control, our expert bed bug exterminators have the knowledge and expertise to eliminate these pests in your home. We use methods that are extremely effective so that you won’t have to live with bed bugs or worry about them returning.

The state of Virginia ranks high for bed bug outbreaks on the national scale. This is the reason why it’s important to take preventative measures in order to decrease the chances of these pests spreading. Jolly Roger Pest Control is here to help prevent any outbreaks. Our team is committed to eradicating and preventing the spread of bed bugs in Falls Church, VA, and we do a thorough job of bed bug removal.

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