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When you require effective bed bug removal and extermination for your home, you can trust the experts at Jolly Roger Pest Control. A bed bug infestation isn’t something to ignore because these pests infiltrate your home quickly and are difficult to remove. Bed bugs are challenging to treat on your own because they tend to hide in cracks and crevices. The Jolly Roger Pest Control professionals possess the training and equipment to efficiently handle bed bug removal in your Falls Church, VA, home. Our effective bed bug extermination services will keep your property free of pests and provide a barrier against another infestation. Please don’t put up with a pest problem any longer and reach out to our qualified professionals for the most effective bed bug control in Northern Virginia.

We’ll implement a bed bug control and extermination plan to remove your pest problem altogether. Whether you are just noticing the signs or your bed bugs are thriving despite your actions, Jolly Roger Pest Control has effective bed bug extermination treatments that work. There is no reason to suffer. Speak to our team today, and we will help resolve your bed bug issues.

Do I Need Bed Bug Treatment?

Bed bugs live in soft goods like beds and couches and feed on human blood. They typically come out at night, where they dine with the closest person. Although they don’t spread disease, bed bug bites hurt and itch and often result in bodily rashes. These red, inflamed bites can occasionally cause allergic reactions in some and cause others to lose sleep. They can even spread to other people through you when not exterminated quickly. Regardless of how severe you or any of your household’s reactions are to this pest, you shouldn’t live with this type of irritation. It’s essential to call Jolly Roger Pest Control professionals for bed bug extermination services.

Typically, bed bugs have a lifespan of 3-12 months. However, they can survive a long time without a food source and reproduce rapidly. So, they can wait it out until a food source becomes available to them. Bed bug control and extermination need to be handled by a professional. At Jolly Roger Pest Control, our expert bed bug exterminators have the knowledge and expertise to eliminate these pests in your home. We use highly effective methods to avoid living with bed bugs or worrying about them returning.


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Jolly Roger Pest Control’s services are perfect for customers who need to get infestations under control quickly and prevent the spread of bugs. Our trained staff can exterminate every type of pest found in Northern Virginia. We populate our team with the most qualified pest control professionals, so they can handle any situation they come across. They have the best equipment and most effective treatments for all of our customers in Falls Church. Jolly Roger Pest Control is the bed bug exterminator to call when you need practical solutions.

Please speak with our experienced bed bug exterminators to learn about your options and what may work best for your circumstances. Call us today at 703-941-3244 for professional bed bug treatment.

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