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No family wants to share their home or property with rodents or any other pests. That’s why we quickly identify the source of your problem and provide the proper method to effectively eliminate rodents from your home.  Rodent problems are best dealt with by a pest management professional who has the education, equipment and skills necessary to effectively address the infestation. Finding and treating the house mice can be challenging, especially if there are numerous nesting sites in your attic, basement, or walls. A pest management professional provides their expertise to identify the pest problem and determine the best possible solution to eliminate the rodent infestation permanently.

Rodent Damage

Mice and rats can bring a variety of diseases into your home. Their droppings can trigger allergic reactions and transmit diseases like the Hantavirus. These rodents can also carry bacteria like salmonella on their bodies and may contaminate your food or countertops with these germs. Mice and rats infested with ticks, fleas or mites can bring these other pests into your home and cause even more problems.

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For rodent control services, call our Annandale, VA location at 703-941-3244 or our Fredericksburg, VA location at 540-935-0077.

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