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If you have noticed that termites are nesting in and destroying the structure of your home, get a professional exterminator for termite control. The experts at Jolly Roger Pest Control can do a thorough termite inspection in your Falls Church, VA, home and provide a reliable treatment. We offer termite control services that remove termite infestations even if they are deeply rooted in your home. When you hire a knowledgeable termite removal company as soon as the problem starts, you have a better chance to eradicate the issue and reduce the costs of treatment. Consult with our exterminators about your options and let us advise you on the solutions we can provide.

How Do I Know If I Need Termite Control?

These are things often associated with termite activity:

  • Your drywall is discolored or drooping
  • You have peeling paint resembling water damage
  • You notice hollow sounding wood
  • There are pinpoint holes in your drywall
  • You have buckling floorboards whether they’re wooden or laminate
  • You have loose tiles because of the moisture termites introduce to your floor
  • You notice crumbling wood
  • Your windows and doors are getting stuck
  • You notice maze-like patterns in your furniture, floors, or walls
  • You notice small termite pellets, which look like salt grains
  • You notice piles of wings left behind
  • You see mud tubes climbing the foundation of your home

There are more than 2,000 types of termites. Luckily, we only have to deal with two species in Virginia: the eastern subterranean termite and the Formosan termite. Both of these species, though, can cause a lot of damage to your home in Falls Church, VA, especially if something isn’t done right away. The good thing is that the termite extermination team from Jolly Roger Pest Control knows exactly what to inspect if you suspect you have a termite issue.

Getting rid of termites can be a difficult task if you don’t have the equipment or, most importantly, the know-how. That’s why you should reach out to Jolly Roger Pest Control for professional termite extermination services in Falls Church, VA. Like all pest infestations, termites can have a negative effect on your health if you’re prone to allergies, respiratory issues, or have a skin condition. Our termite extermination specialists have the knowledge and experience in getting rid of these pests. So don’t hesitate to call Jolly Roger Pest Control for termite control services. 

Quality Termite Inspections

When you are ready to take care of your termite problem once and for all, our team of exterminators is ready to help. We offer professional termite inspections that will evaluate the extent of the issue and determine which treatment would work best. Because termite colonies can become larger without detection, it is important to seek removal as soon as possible. Warm and humid months in Falls Church, VA, are peak season for termites to swarm in baseboards and other wooden structures of your house. We have a variety of tools available to provide your home with an effective termite treatment. Whether we use traps, baits and insecticides to eliminate termites in your home, you can be sure that your termite removal will be taken care of completely. Get a termite inspection and control treatment from a qualified termite exterminator at Jolly Roger Pest Control today.

Our team has the expertise and knowledge to provide quick and effective termite removal and termite extermination services. We know how to eliminate the problem with long-lasting results. When we show up for a termite inspection, we’ll look at your property closely to see if your home has the telltale signs of a termite infestation. Once the termite inspection is complete, we’ll come up with a treatment for extermination and prevent future issues.

You Can Count On Us for Termite Extermination

Our customers in Falls Church, VA, choose us because we provide outstanding termite removal services at Jolly Roger Pest Control. The fleet of termite exterminators on our staff are extensively trained and have substantial experience doing termite inspections. After diagnosing the severity of the infestation, you can count on us to roll up our sleeves and provide complete treatment for removal. Over the past 40 years, we have consistently offered environmentally friendly solutions that protect you and your family’s health from harm. We stand out from other pest control companies because we care about the longevity of our services and the wellness of our customers.

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Pests are always an annoyance for homeowners, but you can do something about them. The termite extermination professionals from Jolly Roger Pest Control are available to answer your call and lend their expertise. We’ll arrive at your property ready for an inspection and come up with a treatment solution. Don’t put up with these pests anymore and let us take care of them.

Jolly Roger Pest Control has been in business and serving Falls Church, VA and the surrounding areas, since 1968. We are a full-service company with a firmly established reputation in the local community based on dependable service. The technicians that visit your home pride themselves in delivering the most exceptional customer service and termite control solutions. Our exterminators can answer any questions you may have and suggest the best course of action for effective treatment of your bug problem. Call our professionals at 540-935-0077 to schedule a termite inspection and request a quote.

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