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Homes with termite infestations can go through serious damage because of these insects’ destructive nature. The Jolly Roger Pest Control team serving Stafford, VA, provides full-service termite control with results that last. Termites are insidious insects because they burrow into wood and may go undetected while they cause structural damage to your property. Our termite exterminators are trained to spot signs of a bug outbreak and have experience implementing the most successful treatments to eradicate the pests. We will send an exterminator to conduct a termite inspection at your property and determine what the best strategy is for your situation. Trust us to give you the most reliable outcome with our termite removal service. 

Termite Removal and Extermination Services


Termites are difficult to spot because they burrow into wood, so you may not know you have an infestation for years. It’s not until you either see them, or the effect of the damage termites cause, that you know they’re there. Termites dwell in the interior structures of your home and cause damage from the inside out. Our termite control specialists are trained to detect the presence of bugs and insects in various places around a home. Because of where infestations occur in a home, it’s difficult to know if you need termite control services. Knowing if you need termite removal and extermination is even more challenging if you don’t know the signs to look for. One way to identify a possible infestation is if you see mud tunnels, which termites build on the foundations between the ground and wood components of your home. The best way to know if you have a termite problem is to hire the professional exterminators from Jolly Roger Pest Control. When it comes to effective termite control and termite removal services, our team performs a thorough inspection on your home in the Stafford, VA, area. Our inspections can identify where the pests are entering your home and assess the amount of damage the termites have done to your home. This is not an easy task, which makes it even more crucial that homeowners contact our expert pest extermination team. 

Professional Termite Control When You Need It Most

When we arrive at Stafford, VA, homes for termite removal services, we begin with a complete inspection of the area. Tell-tale signs of termite activity can include blistered, hollowed or damaged wood beams or other structures. Mud tubes are commonly found near homes because it’s the way in which termites will enter the home and exit back to the soil. Termite exterminators may also notice that there are termite wings or droppings scattered around, which often happens after swarming. Once we’ve completed our inspection, we can apply more methodical termite control techniques around the home. Our termite removal treatment solutions are non-toxic to humans but a powerful restraint against bugs.

We’ve dealt with a wide range of insects, including subterranean, Formosan and dry wood termites. Because we’re trained to apply powerful termite treatments, you can trust us to tackle problems of all sizes and varieties. Our termite inspection specialists can observe when a building is weakened due to the honeycomb effect left behind in the wood. That way you can also be aware of any structural repairs that are needed after the termite removal procedure. Professional termite treatments are the only way to know for sure that your insect problem has been taken care of completely.

The Best Termite Control

If you’re a homeowner in Stafford, VA, and dealing with a termite issue, it’s important to get an experienced termite control technician to visit your home. We’re trained to provide thorough pest inspections to figure out exactly where the issue stems from and ultimately implement effective termite control and removal treatments to the area. Call the exterminators at Jolly Roger Pest Control at 540-935-0077  for termite removal services today.

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