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Don’t let your home get overrun by insects and rodents when our exterminators have the solutions to get rid of them for good. Jolly Roger Pest Control provides effective pest extermination services for customers across the Falls Church, VA, area. From ants to spiders, cockroaches to termites, we know how to find points of entry and where they’re nesting in your home. Our exterminator services are fast, convenient and worth your while because of the long-lasting results we provide. Bugs spread quickly, sometimes causing property damage and illness, so getting treatments as soon as possible is your best bet to avoid issues later.


Is It Time to Get Pest Control for Your Home?

When you have a bug or rodent infestation, you might hear scurrying noises, smell something musty or see scattered droppings. These are common signs that pests may have found their way into your home and are burrowing in the walls or are scavenging through your cupboards. Pest control is an important step in these cases because insects and other creatures can spread disease and contaminate food. They may also chew away at electrical wires, make holes in your wooden structures or cause your floors to become unstable. As soon as you notice these issues, get in touch with our contractors for professional exterminator services.

Turn to Our Dependable Exterminators

Our exterminators are trained to look for signs of pest infestations, including where they’re coming from, nesting and feeding. It can be hard to determine this on your own since they’re often nocturnal and are small enough to hide in plain sight. We have the experience and equipment to best address your bug problem, whether you’re dealing with cockroaches, rats or fleas. Our team uses a variety of treatments to get rid of bugs and rodents and keep them away for good. If you’re looking for dependable services, turn to us for affordable and effective extermination services.

Jolly Roger Pest Control is Here for You

Efficient and thorough pest extermination is just a call away with Jolly Roger Pest Control. We’ll arrive promptly to apply treatments to all the problem areas in your Falls Church, VA, home. We use solutions that get the job done yet are non-toxic to humans, so they’re safe to use in every room of your house. Our exterminators work diligently to ensure your satisfaction. And, we provide discounts for firefighters, military service members and senior citizens. We have decades of experience providing high-quality pest control services to local homeowners and we’re prepared to do the same for you.

Call Us to Exterminate Your Pest Problem

Jolly Roger Pest Control is the ideal choice when you need help eliminating a problematic bug, insect or rodent infestation. From baits and traps to insecticides, we will use every tool in our arsenal to rid your home of this nuisance and restore its comfort once again. Call us at (703) 941-3244 to schedule a visit in Falls Church, VA, and request a quote.

Contact Our Professional Exterminators

You can count on us to do whatever is needed to get rid of the cockroach problem or other infestation in your home, whether it’s a one-time service or multiple treatments. The trained technicians at Jolly Roger Pest Control are well-equipped to perform the necessary extermination services to restore comfort back to your home. Get in touch with our experienced professionals today at 703-941-3244 for more information and to schedule exterminator pest control services in your Annandale, VA, home.

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