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Don’t let your home be overrun by pests when our exterminators are here to remove them from your property. The professionals at Jolly Roger Pest Control are available to provide pest extermination services to homes across Stafford, VA. Whether you’re dealing with rodents or insects, we’re trained to spot their entry points and know where they typically like to nest and forage for food. It’s important to hire an exterminator as soon as possible because pests can cause infectious disease and put your health at risk. We’ll apply the most effective treatments to completely remove existing bugs and deter new ones from entering.


When Do You Need Pest Extermination Services?

Pest problems can spread quickly, so it’s crucial to catch the issue early before it gets worse. You should get pest extermination services as soon as you notice signs of rats, mice or other vermin in your home. Wherever the bugs are hiding in your home, we have the tools to provide treatment to any room or crawl space. We aim to eliminate the infestation and reduce the possibility of disease or bacteria from spreading. Taking care of the problem sooner rather than later will help you restore comfort, and cleanliness back to your home.

You need to call an exterminator for pest control services when you see these signs:

  • Nests
  • Live rodents or insects
  • Pet displays odd behavior
  • Odd noises
  • Smell of urine
  • Feces or wing droppings
  • Damaged electrical wiring
  • Gnawed holes in drywall 

Choose Our Team for Dependable Extermination Services

Jolly Roger Pest Control is a trusted company for extermination services in the Stafford, VA, area. Our professionals are trained to provide effective treatments with strong, yet safe solutions that eliminate the infestation and are non-toxic to humans. We take a full scope approach that will get rid of any trace of pests and keep them away for the long term. Don’t put up with a bug or rodent problem and longer when you can reach out to us for pest control services. Make your home a more comfortable place by contacting our professionals for assistance and requesting a quote.

Contact Us to Schedule a Visit As Soon As Possible

If you’re a homeowner with a pest problem, you can count on our exterminators to handle it for you. We know how to provide treatments for ants, spiders, termites and more. Reach out for service as soon as you notice an infestation because we’ll work diligently to provide high-quality and efficient pest control. Get in contact with us at 540-935-0077 to learn more about our extermination services in Stafford, VA.

For rodent control services, call our Annandale, VA location at 703-941-3244 or our Fredericksburg, VA location at 540-935-0077.

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