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When you encounter rodents in your home it is a cause for concern since they tend to carry diseases and spread bacteria. Jolly Roger Pest Control provides home rodent control services to the entire Fredericksburg, VA, area. Rats pose a serious threat to you and your family’s health because their droppings can set off allergic reactions and communicate diseases, such as the hantavirus or salmonellosis. Our knowledgeable rodent control specialists are thoroughly trained and sufficiently equipped to handle the infestation in your home. Although there may be solutions on the market that you could try, none are as effective as when you work with a professional rodent exterminator.

Home Rodent Control Services

Mice like to nest in walls, hollow ceilings or cabinetry where they can nestle in and go undisturbed. Because their bodies are covered in pathogens, rats can contaminate surfaces and food, which in turn can make you ill. Rodent control services are designed to exterminate rats and halt the dissemination of germs. It’s important to catch the issue quickly and hire a rodent removal expert, because the mites, fleas or ticks mice transfer can also proliferate.

When you hire Jolly Roger Pest Control for home rodent control services in the Fredericksburg, VA, community, we’ll provide efficient work in a timely manner. We begin every rodent control job by evaluating the extent of the issue and where in the house the mice may be dwelling. Then, we determine which might be the best approach to take for you to receive satisfactory results. After the rodent removal process, you’ll be given useful tips that’ll help you understand how to better inhibit the introduction of rats and mice.

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If you need a rodent exterminator to provide fast and successful services to your Fredericksburg, VA, home, then Jolly Roger Pest Control is the choice for you. We understand what a nuisance and health hazard it can be to have a rat outbreak in your house. That’s why we make our customers our top priority and ensure that we offer thorough home rodent control work. Contact our dedicated team today at 540-935-0077 to get started right away.

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