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Having a professional termite exterminator inspect your home is the best way to determine if you have an infestation. Early detection provides an opportunity to eliminate the pest and avoid costly repairs. Jolly Roger Pest Control is the expert in their field and provides professional termite inspection and extermination services through the Annandale, VA area. Our team of technicians is backed by years of experience and training as well as state of the art equipment for termite extermination. We are your termite problem resolution team.

Residential Termite Invasions

Without professional treatment, termite colonies can advance throughout your property for a long time without your knowledge. Termites tend to swarm in the warmer months, especially in the morning. This time of year is ideal to take preventative measures as termites claim new groups in homes. Springy lumber like that of the Douglas Fir is the favorite dish for termites. The colony hollows the wood into a shell. When they do this in your property, its structural stability is more likely to be damaged.

Over 1 in 5 homes in high activity regions like Annandale have had termites or can be infested with termites. Termites are difficult to see because they come into buildings through tiny gaps in flooring, patios and cracks in concrete. When you uncover a colony in your home, leave them alone. When touched, the colony will leave the area and relocate deeper into your home to avoid being found again.

Moist wood is the optimal place for termites to colonize in. The areas in your home that have constant contact with moisture are prime real estate for them to flourish. Virginia is also home to dry-wood termites, which live in the baseboards, trim, windows and doorframes of your house. They devour the cellulose found in plant fibers as they migrate along the wood grain.

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If you’re worried about termites, contact us to schedule an examination of your home or property. Jolly Roger Pest Control provides thorough services and effective extermination. We serve the Annandale, VA area with dedicated, highly trained professionals, dedicated to eliminating all your pest problems. Depending on the extent of the problem we offer one-time or multiple session treatments. To learn more about our services or schedule a termite inspection, call 703-941-3244 today.

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