When Is It Time To Hire A Professional Pest Control Service?

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September 7, 2022

Professional Pest Control: An Essential Home Defense

You’re naturally protective of your family and home, and an infestation of damaging insects or other pests can be a hazard for both. Whether it’s creepy-crawly bugs or a disease-spreading rodent, seeing a pest in your home makes you want to take action. However, a serious pest incursion into your living space is one time when it’s not advisable to go it alone. When the integrity of your house or the well-being of your family is threatened by pests, professional pest control services offer three big benefits.

Timely Treatment

One of the most essential factors when it comes to home pest control treatments is to get the timing right. If you delay tackling your pest problem, it only becomes a bigger problem, especially as the weather warms up. One reason why this is true comes down to a basic fact of life: reproduction. Depending on the species, insects can breed fairly quickly and more importantly can hatch a lot of larvae at one time. Likewise, mice can sometimes give birth to up to half a dozen offspring at once. You can see how fast one or two pests can turn into several, then dozens—or more! Another reason your pest infestation can get out of control sooner than you think is because, by the time you see pests, they have likely already been there for a while. Whether insects, arachnids or rodents, staying out of the limelight is one of the secrets to a pest’s success. At your first encounter with a pest, remember that he’s probably already got a head start on settling into your home!

Professionalism Pays Off

When insects, rodents or other pests are invading your home, the value of an experienced pest control firm can’t be overstated. Expertise means pest management services can assess your problem and identify the proper strategy for treating it right away. Your attempts at do-it-yourself pest treatment may be well-intentioned, but there’s a good chance they will also be unfocused and incomplete. Different species of similar-looking pests can require different approaches, materials and applications. Do you really want to waste valuable time trying to rely on guesswork or the advice of some random guy in a home and garden store? Professionals bring not only the right tools and supplies, but more importantly the necessary know-how to get the job done better and faster.

Safety First

Like many homeowners, you may have questions about the safety of treating a pest infestation around your home and family. It’s true that professional-grade pesticides require careful and responsible application; that’s exactly why their use is restricted to well-trained and regulated experts. Professional pest exterminators have specialized education and equipment that allow them to apply treatments in a way that maximizes effectiveness while minimizing risk. You can expect a reputable firm like Jolly Roger Pest Control to maintain the highest safety standards. Professional technicians will use the right solutions in safe concentrations and only apply them in locations and circumstances that are appropriate. Remember, allowing pests to run rampant in your home is also a safety issue when you consider the dangers of disease and potential structural damage.

Don’t waste time and money when your home and family are threatened by pests; contact the pros at Jolly Roger Pest Control for help!


September 2022

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